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Respecting the Source

 Cooperating with Nature





Capturing the Rain

Creating Food Forests

Welcome to the solution
against droughts, heatwaves,
torrential rain, floods:

Food Forests …


We plant them.
Would you like to join us?


Pixabay under creative commons:
Bird with rowanberries Gerhard Gellinger Germany
Source, waterfall Pexels English
Moth – Hummingbird Hawk ZdenekFritz0 Cestina
Rain on Grass Mark R Belize
Treehouse suspension bridge Nicole Nile Germany

WHAT IS The problem?

Each time farmers chop trees, burn or poison the weeds and plow the earth, it reduces the soil’s microbes and therefore its capacity to absorb water and carbon.
From then on, instead of a cooling moist breeze, a wall of heat will bounce off the ground. Rain pounds and compacts the soil further, with run off and erosion as consequences.
The normal water cycle has become disturbed.


Landscape with plowed fields by Steve Buissine  from South Africa.
Under creative commons, found through Pixabay, June 15, 2018

Humans are causing bare and potentially arid surfaces on an enormous scale

This pushes the weather to extremes, as we all are experiencing on the globe right now. . 

Using less fossil fuels is just part of the solution and is taking too long to implement and take effect.

Especially since the oceans have absorbed – and will release – a CO2 reserve for the coming 4 centuries!
(Walter Jehne 2015)


Areas of the world facing desertification. Credit: Reto Stöckli, NASA Earth Observatory Sept 1, 2004. We follow the guidelines as written here: For informational purposes. Accessed through an article about livestock and savanna recuperation, August 15, 2018

Faster remedy: grow a green skin on the Earth

To obtain a buffer against extreme weather we should cover our habitable land mass permanently in dynamically growing green again.

If we plant a great variety of food trees and crops, it will increase fauna biodiversity and create abundance for every human being and for wildlife (see Ernst Götsch, 2016).


Hummingbird by Dominic Hoffman from Waghaeusel, Germany. Through Pixabay

who will fund this re-greening?

Many people are tired of waiting for politicians to sort things out. They had their chance. The time is ripe for a new way to team up.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete”

Buckminster Fuller 1982


 Pixabay under creative commons:

Free flying parrots Anna Sulencka Poland

Our new model:

Combine ecological farming with private ownership on a mega scale

how? buy farmland publicly through the issuance of small affordable shares

For the thriving of life on this planet.

KORPOS is a private grassroots project that repairs formerly degraded land with ecological methods of agriculture. This means repairing nature, mainly with Food Forests, producing top-quality food for humans AND wildlife. With the net profits of the harvests we buy more degraded land to regenerate.

Individuals can become shareholders of this company, thus of the land KORPOS holds in possession. The share-value rises with the fertility of the land and when the area per share expands. This forms an extra incentive for consumers to join and farmers to make the transition.


Hummingbird by Dominic Hoffman from Waghaeusel, Germany. Through Pixabay




The shares are called:

Land Ownership Tokens – LOT


 LOT will be traded
on crypto-currency exchanges
to gain global momentum

powered by the blockchain 

the world of Bitcoin

On a public ledger that hardly consumes energy…

Now backed by land and her produce

We use an agro-forestry method that went viral in Brazil:

SYNTROPY of Ernst Götsch

15 minutes watch


Lukas, Czech Republic,  accessed August 7, 2018 through Pixabay 

Become a Food Forest Farmer

No land of your own? Trained in permaculture? Want to commit to excellence? Exploding with energy? Let’s talk!


Entrust your unused land

Do you own degraded land but have no use for it? We’d love to re-fertilize it into a productive food forest. Let’s devise a win-win-win plan.


Plant more trees in your neighborhood

They are our lungs, they clean the air, bring joy and calmness, more birds and even fruits and nuts. Learn how to plant in our future workshops

Participation is possible in any climate.

many ways to join, and enjoy

Invest with your thoughts

Comment on this project, be our think-tank, get in touch and keep in touch. Developers are invited to get us hackproof on a blockchain.

Spend some time with us, plant a tree

Enlist as an active holiday-volunteer, back to basics, immerse in the lifestyle.


Invest a dollar or two

At the end of next year the Land Ownership Token sale launches. Subscribe for updates about when + how you can buy/sell LOT.

Did we mention it? Plant Trees!

Meet our core team

Donna Vanderloo

Co-founder and CEO

Miguelangelo Borjaille

Founder and CSO

Suman Natarajan

Quality & Ethics

Simone Henning

Research & Innovation

“Buy land,
they’re not making it anymore”
Mark Twain

(1835 – 1910)

The Land Ownership Token – LOT

Detailed Explanation

For your due diligence


Klaus Stebani, Full Moon, Bayern Germany. Through Pixabay

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downloaded 14. July 2018

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